july 2015

Sharvette Mitchell Show



june 2015-current

I enjoyed Levite Productions. Such a strong desire to see the lives of young people being impacted. For those who did not feel as though they had a voice, for those who felt like there was no way out, for those that believed that they were all alone. Levite productions inspired of God and the things of God to bridge the way to a healthier life for countless youth.

Lemuel Octave - Levite Member (Sound, dance, stage prep)



August 2012-CURRENT

"We have worked with Angie Martin and Levite Production many times over the past 5 years.  Her productions are amazing, timely, and super anointed!!!  Extremely creative and professionally produced."

Calvin Yarbrough President and co founder Students Reaching Students and it's SuperPower Concerts



July 2012-current

Levite Production is an experience like no other. The company is one that’s for everybody. My children work with them for years in the Richmond Va location. After seeing how much of an influence it was on my children and the community, I decided to join as the Production manager. One of the best things about Levite Production is that they are not afraid to go there! They touch every topic needed to be addressed in the community no matter how minimal it may be to some or how bold and scary it may be to others. I could go on forever about the foundation it sets for creating an understanding of how God is involved in the lives of all of his children. So inspiring!.

Britney Saunders/Production Manager


June 2015-current

There are so many great things to say about Levite Production. We absolutely love the fact that this production targets the youth and allows their voices to be heard through the art of dance, acting, singing and etc. This is a multi-talented company with a great woman of God directing/leading. We have not only had the pleasure of participating in a few of their shows, we have had the pleasure of supporting other members associated. If you have not been to a Levite Production, make it a priority. You will be glad you did. 

Isaiah & Jessica Johnson/former dance director and cast member



august 2012-2017

Levite Prodcution has truly been an inspiration to my girls to be apart of in which they started at a very young age.  Not only did the production company teach them to dance and act but also how to work together as a team in many creative ways to help other kids who were their same age , becoming comfortable with talents they didn't know they had . As my girls continue to grow, they have developed leadership skills, embracing what they love the most, facing fears that they have and most important self-respect and respecting others while continuing  their journey through life at whatever they are seeking to become. It has been a honor to be apart of such a caring, motivating and loving Production Company who truly has a passion  to uplift kids and society.

Quenshell davis and family / devoted parent