Students Reaching Students

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STUDENTS REACHING STUDENTS is a 501 [C] 3 Nonprofit organization

Established 1993

Founder and President Calvin Yarbrough believed in a program that would mentor and train young people, which is a subject he dealt with everyday as a youth Pastor and Board of Trustee member of One Richmond Va Mega Churchs'. He developed a program with divine inspiration and expert business skills that would do just that for young people. One of the major components of SRS is great motivational events/concerts that require speakers and trainers for large groups of youth that inspire them. 8043997735

Hearts to Nourish Hope

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Hearts to Nourish Hope is a community-driven nonprofit that provides high quality programs to identify and develop the internal resources of youth aged 16-24 in Clayton, Fayette and Gwinnett Counties. Like all grassroots non-profits, we grew from a very simple idea - if youth were provided constructive activities to do when they were suspended or expelled, they would be less likely to engage in dangerous, illegal and risky behavior.

Reconciliation Movement

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To increase healthy families (physically and mentally), economic growth, high school/GED completion and higher education in low-income communities.

Dynamic Phenomenon Events

Dynamic Phenomenon Events manages the production of FAB 4 (Atlanta, 2018).