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My name is Angie Martin, i thought it would be easier to understand who "Levite Production" is if you understood who I was. 

Since i was a little girl i've always found that i had a overwhelming compassion in me that poured out thru my soul. A heart made in the image of my Father. Many bad experiences happened to me as if some dark evil was trying to snuff that part of me out. My trials and tribulation didn't make me weak they made me stronger. i want to now and have been consistently use that knowledge and compassion to help the next torn little girl.

as a child i was calling out "Help" but no one seemed to hear me but the only one who could. he gave me what i needed to survive and to help other girls find there own voice. 

one of my gifts to the world is telling and writing stories.

i was born in Washington DC and now reside in one of the many suburbs in atlanta. i feel i have been blessed with the task of answering the call placed on my life.

       Many things were revealed to me on life’s journey but none as important as the struggles that lead me to God”. i began writing at the age of 4 years old, my first memory of a superior being existing was at the tender age of 2, once those conversations began between he and i so did the transference of inspired words, a couple of years later i began to write them down.

       My goal is to share comfort from the pain and testaments I was blessed to endure, To help someone find peace and healing.


        i have successfully completed many productions including a cd of blessed inspirational floetry entitled “Personal Revelations” . many stage plays , "MY daughters eyes (which was accompanied by original soundtrack) debut in may 2011, "2 Sisters", 'a girl dream cant she" just name a few with my latest "Fab 4 debuting in 2016 (a touching story of 4 best friends that grow thru life together). I  was a DJ of my own radio show entitled “What’s the Word” for WRIR 97.3 in Richmond va.   My accomplishments, witn help from above also include a movie/screenplay "Keisha Promise".

keishas Promise movie poster 456883_378879435502476_1524448339_o - Copy.jpg

         everything pertaining to my life, all that is and all that was and all that will be is for my beloved Father God.

for the people