FAB 4 is a story about four childhood friends growing up together. They share a past and present of laughter, love, life changes and dark secrets but their choices may jeopardize their friendship. In this coming of age story, you will follow the girls from ages 8/9 thru to 17/18. This story will touch your heart, stir your soul and have you laughing.

This heart touching story will raise the communities awareness about human trafficking and sexual abuse.

The International Labor Organization estimates that there are 40.3 million victims of human trafficking globally. Out of these 40.3 million victims, 81% of them are trapped in forced labor, 25% of them are children and 75% are women and girls. Specifically, Atlanta was named by the FBI as one of 14 US cities with the highest rate of children used in prostitution, according to Polaris Project. In Georgia, 12,400 men purchase sex with young women in any given month. Approximately 100 adolescent females are sexually exploited each night in Georgia.