Levite Production
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Our Mission is to:


We are a Production Company  that uses the performing arts to convey a message of love, hope and understanding.


Our Mission

Our mission is to give eyes to the blind, and ears to the deaf. To use performing arts to heighten the awareness of the public to our worldwide issues effecting  our community families. To assist the effected members with knowledge and healing. Joy and laughter. Happiness and freedom.

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There are many vices that affect our families in our communities . Out of these are particular issues that are  a main focus for Levite Production.

  • Human Trafficking 

  • Sexual Abuse

  • Domestic Violence 

  • Teen Pregnancy

  • Self Esteem


Our Programs

We have many programs meant to lend to the uplifting and building up of principals learned by our participants. 


Rare jewels

Rare Jewels is a program that deals with make-up, hygiene and skin care. We feel the beauty inside can be shown on the outside as well. Teaches the participants about beauty choices that can be made that are healthy as well as awesome.

paris rare jewels pic.jpeg

Class is taught by Spelman College Student Paris Alston, member of ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY, INCORPORATED.

mental health and wellness group

Mental Health and Wellness Group is a program set in place to assist its participants in learning and using skills acquired in their best interest.

Class is taught by Oluwayomi K. Busari lmsw,

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Our Drama and Dance program is meant to assist participants with structured advisement in areas of interest that will help them grow there skills whether it be for a career in entertainment or a recreational  outlet. 

Laporche dance.jpg

Dance class taught by Dance Director

Laporche Lyles

drama pic me.jpg

Drama class taught by Founder and President Angie Martin


game night

Game night is a program where participants get to dance, play and socialize in a safe environment. Light snack will be provided.




Get Involved

reach out to someone who needs you

reach out to someone who needs you

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Lets help give them a reason to never give up

Lets help give them a reason to never give up

there are many ways to get involved, there is volunteer efforts of various sorts from all backgrounds of people and skills. one mans trash is another mans treasure, you may think to yourself "what can i offer"? every human being is and has a treasure they can share. it can be your time, expertise, money or product.   the performing arts have long since provided joy, laughter and healing for many. Help us do that for them!


Sign Up For a Program

  • rare jewels
  • mental health and wellness
  • game night
  • drama/dance
  • participate in major stage productions
  • Fitness Class

Volunteer opportunities

there are many opportunities to volunteer with levite production including being cast members. click the button below to find out more and tell us what your interests are

Make a Donation

interested in donating to our cause or sponsoring a child for the dance/drama program.

if sponsoring a child please make note in the contact info how many children and for what class of your preference when you click the donate button.